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An good auto diagnostic tool could help you save much money. Visit obding.com have various options; In addition , it can help you will quickly realize some particularly the VAG diagnostics to your car.
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- Tips on how to solve MB STAR C4 Error code (506)
- Any Customer Reviews about VDM UCANDAS
- james and my super Autel MaxiDAS DS708 scanner using experience
- any reviews about K-TAG ECU Programmer


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 Any Customer Reviews about VDM UCANDAS Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

I must have one OBD scanner for most worldwide famous car models, no need cover truck models. I simply want to do basic OBD diagnosing, not programming anything.

I saw VDM UCANDAS advertised as greater than autocom, it claims one-year free update at official website, and blends with newest cars approximately 2014.

I spent about 280USD, got one, it arrived recently, it came with main unit with OBDII cable, software driver and USB cable, package really is easy weighed against Launch X431 and Autel scanner which set with many adapters.

I installed VDM UCANDAS on Win7 successfully (uobd2.net claims Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8. No WP8/Win8 RT support), simple to install, no requirement to activate. WIFI connection and Bluetooth supported.

I've not much issue with VDM UCANDAS Language; they come in English as default. Users may add two more language as will by sending machine serial number towards supplier.

I tested VDM UCANDAS successfully many car models after 2000 year, like 2012 honda cr-v, Jeep, Dodge, part of cars around 2014 year. I'd trouble with Renault Fluence, Saab 93 and Ford, I figured VDM can’t cover these cars, later I learned there're before 2000 year, VDM can’t cover.

VDM UCANDAS mainly for OBD diagnosis, support key programming, SI reset, sensor setting for just a portion of cars.

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 Tips on how to solve MB STAR C4 Error code (506) Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

MB STAR C4  2014.7 Error code (506)

In the event you encounter Error code (506) with MB STAR C4  toolkit, reading at detailed: SDconnect is available with no link with another diagnosis computer. (506)

No SDconnect is selected and the desired SDconnect can not be selected.
MB SD Connect C4
 You should do the following:

Firstly, connect with neighborhood connection and check IP address setting, do as follows:

1). Click Neighborhood Connection

2). Right click Properties

3). Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)

4). Choose Properties

5). Set IP address to:

6). Click Ok
lMB SD Connect c4 ocal-area-connection

 Secondly, set wireless connection after geographic area connection settings is finished.

1). for the right corner of the desktop click SDconnect icon

2). Access SDconnect Toolkit Administration

3). Click Register / configure

4). Select name 04

5). Check off WLAN parameters, road

6). IP address set as:

7). Key- enter aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (26 a as a whole)

8). Click Start.
MB SD Connect Toolkit

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