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An good auto diagnostic tool could help you save much money. Visit obding.com have various options; In addition , it can help you will quickly realize some particularly the VAG diagnostics to your car.
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 The new LaCrosse trembling inability to accelerate the engine idling Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Symptom: a the 2011 Shanghai GM Buick LaCrosse sedan ( furnished with 2 .4 LLAF engine ) , the cumulative traveling about 40,000 krn. Driver to mirror the Odometer Tacho Pro car 2 days ago if your highway feels weak acceleration , the engine sounds muffled , engine failure during normal driving and idling lights sometimes flicker. Then traveled to an email finder service station for repair , carried out injector failure , as a result of service station without accessories , so he continued to travel a lot more than 500 krn, and also found fault occurred because the emergence of the high fuel usage of the vehicle .

Troubleshooting : After receiving your vehicle and found the auto engine fault lights lit immortal, engine idle shake obvious. With fault detector test , autologic collect fault code has : P0300 eleven engine misfire ; P0303 eleven 3-cylinder engine misfire ; P0172 eleven high profile adjust the fuel system . Look at data stream is then found that long-term fuel trim is -30 % , 3-cylinder misfire frequently found as soon as the inspection .

Then depending on the obtained three read fault codes and data flow analysis of vehicle malfunctions. From the 3-cylinder engine fire to fire frequently , volvo vida and to adjust the fuel system high profile , coupled with high fuel consumption , and engine shaking phenomena such speculation, ought to be 3 cylinder misfire frequent adverse work of the cylinder , the engine power down, how the focus should be around the impact of three-cylinder misfire might be detected for every single element . Measuring ignition coil resistance , normal ; observe spark plugs, basically normal, but to make sure , or will it be a better ; 3-cylinder cylinder pressure measurement , every in the other cylinder isn't any positive change . Read the suspected point 3 cylinder injector is faulty. Detection of 3-cylinder injector resistance , in line with the requirements of maintenance data , so as to secure the trial after his replacement, engine working conditions improved slightly ; observation data stream , then your long-term fuel trim value is -5% , but in the engine after running about 5 min, the engine idle shake intensified. Until then view the info flow , long-term fuel trim value reached 25% , and 3-cylinder misfire again now , but also with a small two -cylinder misfire phenomenon . This fault diagnosis , fault detector information provided has become helping us . So timely adjust their thinking , provide information from the data stream query again . After careful analysis, long-term fuel trim values are actually high , should also be excluded right away mixture. Check the tightness on the intake system , check the vacuum hoses for cracks , distortions and connections ; then confirm the air conditioning filter or without fouling , clogging the intake manifold , throttle body or without blockage , the results in the inspection items were normal. Confirm the intake manifold absolute pressure sensor parameters camp , but meet the requirements ( standard importance of 19 kPa-42 kPa). Suspected injector leak , causing excessive gas mixture , however the injector was tested , no failure. Finally, only the remaining crankcase through Phoenix and fuel evaporative emission control system is not checked . Then find along the crankcase ventilation hose leak , when checking the oil from the crankcase oil discovery , the upper limit oil level more achieable than the predetermined (FIG. 1 ) , and also the more dilute the oil , gasoline that has a strong smell ( crankshaft box oil level is high , icom bmw resulting in increased effectiveness against rotation with the crankshaft , the driver will be reflected inside sound muffled engine running phenomenon ) .

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 The favorite GM diagnostic tools By Repair shop Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

GM vehicles are favored by many people, so it requires more on obd2 device for auto shops, garages, DIYers and the as dealership. Today, I wish to reveal to you three GM diagnostic tools, including GM Tech2, GM Mini MDI, Xtool X-VCI box.

GM Tech2

GM tech2 is easily the most cost-effective one, for doing this is by using reasonable price and covering not simply GM vehicles, but SAAB, OPEL, SUZUKI, ISUZU and as well as Holden.

Besides, it really is with authentic gm software and support on-board diagnostics on all gm systems from 1992 to 2011. In order to work with it to perform gm car programming, you should buy tis2000 software.

One disadvantage is the fact tech2 remains an basic or essential gm diagnostic tool for vehicles before 2010.


GM Mini MDI is utilized to serve vehicles with auxiliary CAN bus that can't be served by tech2. Actually, this auto diagnostic tool is utilizing vehicles after 2010 and covering newer models than that of Tech2.

Its highlights are with faster reprogramming (increased about 20-70%), serving exclusive new models, and more economical. This is a good investment for future vehicles models.

Xtool X-VCI box

Xtool X-VCI box is usually an original xtool product, only working together with GM vehicle models. Its features support J2534 reprogramming plus the device of OEM scan.

Re-decorating a great investment for mechanics correctly could work with tech2win and GDS2, which enables users to use all of the GM, OPEL, and SAAB cars later on.

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 Tips on how to check fault lights for Chevrolet Cruze motor Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

A mileage of approximately 33,000 km, the configuration of this Chevrolet Cruze sedan 1.6L motor . End users report: car or truck motor fault lights .

Troubleshooting : Connecting bmw icom a2 GDS2 MDI inspection , the engine manage module setup a " current" mention from the fault codes : P0598, engine coolant thermostat heater command circuit small voltage.

The motor command module (ECM) controls the center beat width modulation (PWM) thermostat. Engine coolant heater thermostat coolant circulation regulate and regulate the engine working temperature. The motor command module supplies 12V voltage to the heater thermostat . The motor command module Fgtech is usually a strong condition product called a push management circuit to ground , to manage the temperature using the motor coolant heater portion . The generate is provided having a responses circuit coupled to the voltage . The motor command module displays the feed-back voltage regulate circuit to ascertain regardless of whether outdoors circuit, quick to ground or shorter to voltage on.

Engine coolant heater thermostat features a mechanical failure defense purpose to forestall motor coolant heater thermostat electrical fault develops . Mechanical thermostat opens at about 104 when . Mechanical thermostat from 104 cycle to 98. Heater is a component with the thermostat . Engine tacho 2008 coolant thermostat heater and thermostat housing assembly as a maintenance.Turn the ignition change during the OFF ( closed ) position , disconnect the harness connector E41 engine coolant heater thermostat at amongst terminals one and Floor bmw icom abc power circuit have a look at lamp attached to the ignition switch within the ON placement , success from the test light-weight doesn't shine ; resistance amongst a K20 engine regulate module wiring harness connector along with the E41 motor coolant heater thermostat wiring harness connector that includes a multimeter to evaluate the capability source terminal 35X2 terminal normal, no short inside ground , indicating the circuit tests are normal , mainly because failure would be the engine manage module ECM inner failure , wouldn't present 12V voltage for the heater thermostat .

Troubleshooting: Swap the engine management module ECM, and troubleshooting maintenance programming.

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 Tips on how to solve Chevrolet check engine light on Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Today I repaired a Chevrolet Cruze with 33,000 miles on there. The automobile was furnished with a single.6L engine. And its particular check engine light was always on in last two days.

Sometimes, an illuminated check engine light problem is actually a small issue. Sometimes, it might talk about a significant one. To look for the problem, I connected the engine control module using a GM Tech 2, and served a fault code: P0598. The error code described “Thermostat Heater Control Circuit Low”.

Thermostat heater features anti mechanical failure function to stop the heater from electrical accident. Usually the thermostat is going to be active in a temperature at 104 Celsius. As heater can be a indispensible component of thermostat, I often repair them being an assembly.

Initially when i first switched off the lock, disconnected cable connector of E41 thermostat heater so started up the ignition lock to try connection between 1st power circuit terminal and its bonding. There was clearly the light source relating to the terminal and its particular bonding. Should the connection was alright, the light would illuminate. However, it did not.

I quickly used a MST-2800B multi-meter to evaluate 35X2 power circuit terminal of K20 engine control module and the 1st terminal of cable connector of E41 engine thermostat heater. In line with the multi-meter, the resistance involving the two terminals was normal. This indicated the circuit together was normal, and also the problem was likely inside the engine control module, which failed to provide 12V voltage to thermostat heater.

I replaced the ECM, tested the Chevrolet, along with the check engine light would stop then

You could find more information with regards to the auto diagnostic tool and obd2 scanner, follow on here  or visit www.obding.com  to determine more details!

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 how to us the x431 run on android or ios mobile Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Specialists seriously involved in the diagnosis of automotive electronics, long known product Launch X431.

It’s actually an excellent product for diagnostic centers. Naturally, the value is sufficient to buy this item for “your kitchen at home “. Naturally, the cost is high enough to order this item for “your kitchen at home”. Lyubitetelyam same diagnose their unique cars until recently were required to either hunt for friends among diagnosticians or perform some diagnostic adapters for laptops . Lyubitetelyam same diagnose their unique cars until recently had to either look for friends among diagnosticians or do a little diagnostic adapters for his or her laptops. The rapid growth of smartphone's with larger screens and tablets would not affect the given situation – this market were simple Bluetooth- adapters (mostly ELM327) and recently started to appear WiFi- adapters.

From software to the problem is a lot more deplorable. Holders as numerous automotive brands while using the diagnosis “lucky” even less. Holders several automotive brands using the diagnosis “lucky” even less. One example is, pet owners of VAG autos isn't choice whatsoever. As an example, owners of VAG autos is not any choice at all. If you would like study on their unique cars in existence it doesn't work correctly, you might automatically need to be web-sites a laptop with a capable USB-port and VCDS-adapter (either the initial or clone). If you want to learn from his or her cars in existence that doesn't work correctly, you'll automatically must be the owner of a laptop with a capable USB-port and VCDS-adapter (either the initial or clone). It is possible to most unpleasant – is always that despite numerous requests from users, producers of fine software (+ adapter) won't use any platform apart from Windows. It is possible to most unpleasant – is that despite numerous requests from users, producers of fine software (+ adapter) won't use any platform differently Windows.


Market handheld scanners could also provide you with the usual consumer basically the latest models of OBD-book readers. Market handheld scanners may offer the usual consumer basically different types OBD-book readers. These have one huge drawback – there are practically no firmware updates. Basically it features a clear explanation. Basically it possesses a clear explanation. Chinese producers may be easier to release a new model rather than write a firmware update for that old model. Chinese producers might be easier to to push out a new model than to write a firmware update for that old model.




Fortunately, observe the car owners and manufacturers decided quadrupeds already Launch. Immediately appeared on the market a simple reader, chances are they become functional “grow into “a variety of useful. Immediately appeared out there is a straightforward reader, they'll likely become functional “grow into” a number of useful. Last but not least, first appeared available (and immediately interesting ) development for owners of cellular devices running on Android or IOS. Last but not least, first appeared available on the market (and immediately interesting) development for those who own cellular devices running on Android or IOS.


Thus, the site www.obding.com recently there was clearly a complete page dedicated scanners for Android and iPhone.


The simplest Launch X431 iCard is a standard Bluetooth-Adapter to read by via OBDII / EOBD. In fact, he was the firstborn through the Launch. Actually, he was the firstborn through the Launch.

Following the decision inside line can be called LAUNCH DBScar-CA OBD. Following the decision in the line may be called LAUNCH DBScar CA-OBD.

For a set price the customer gets an entire-featured scanner for just one car. To put a limited price you gets a full-featured scanner first car. Very brand owner is allowed to find the adapter. Very brand owner is allowed to pick the adapter.


The software program of car brand , that is to be installed right after the investment and you will be the key (in support of) . Software that car brand, which is installed immediately after the acquisition and will be the leading (in support of).


Manufacturer certifies that the consumer receives a regular full-featured software for the car, with all the possibility of free updates for the year. Manufacturer certifies that this consumer receives standard full-featured software for ones car, while using the possibility of free updates for the year. As a result, it ended up important (and pretty cheap) solution for use having a particular auto brand. Because of this, it proved important (and pretty cheap) solution for replacements with a particular auto brand.


Well, over the rest this line is LAUNCH X431 iDiag

Here and merely scanners for iPad / iPhone, and scanners for your iPad mini, and scanner for Samsung N8010/8010, lastly, the scanner for Android-powered devices. Become familiar with a little bundling and characteristics of each of the options , I selected the second .

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